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F55 có cùng công nghẹ mảng lọc màu tiên tiến được sử dụng trong F65 của Sony. Điều đó có nghĩa là cần ít tiền để mua hay thuê là bạn có thể có chạm được vào chiếc máy quay có gam màu rộng hơn phim 35mm. Nếu bạn mơ ước được quay với F65, nhưng người sản xuất cười vì yêu cầu của bạn, thì F55 là lựa chọn tốt nhất tiếp theo của bạn. Và, đó là một sự lựa chọn tuyệt vời. F55 quay chuẩn 4K 4096 x 2160 và có tốc độ khung hình cao lên đến180fps cho 1080 và 60fps cho 4K. Khi thêm bộ ghi AXS-R5 của Sony tốc độ khung hình 2K raw lên đến 240. Nó có một màn trập lớn và với bộ ghi raw có thể ghi tới 16-bit màu. Hãy nhớ rằng 16-bit màu ghi lại giá trị tông màu lớn hơn 16 lần so với 12-bit. Giống như F65, F55 quay được dải tần nhạy sáng (dynamic range) 14stops và có bộ lọc cường độ trung bình bên trong. Khi lựa chọn ống kính, F55 cung cấp một trong những ngàm ống kính linh hoạt nhất tương thích với hầu như tất cả các máy DSLR 35mm và ống kính điện ảnh với bộ chuyển khá rẻ. Điều gì là thật sự đặc biệt là làm thế nào F55 có thể được xây dựng để phù hợp với bất cứ cảnh nào. Trên cơ sở tiêu chuẩn ISO 1250, tính linh hoạt của nó đã là làm nên thương hiệu chiếc máy quay này. Một người có thể quay bất kỳ dự án nào với chiếc máy quay này: phim, tài liệu, truyền hình, video âm nhạc, và bất cứ điều gì khác


Đặc điểm nổi bật:

  • 8.9MP Super 35mm CMOS Image Sensor
  • Internal 4K/2K/HD Recording
  • Electronic Global Shutter
  • Highly Modular Design
  • Optional 4K/2K RAW Recorder
  • Up 240 fps 2K with Optional AXS-R5
  • Native FZ-Mount and PL-Mount Adapter
  • Dynamic Range Rated at 14 Stops
  • Wider Color Gamut than Film
  • SxS Pro+ Media Cards

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Thank you for this story and I can’t wait to see where you lead me next.For a great interview click the lin.
This is the first Cornell Woolrich I've read unless you count the Rear Window screenplay, and I thought it was really disturbing, sort of the written equivalent of Hitchcoc.
Division into more than one publication would have made for a bit better readin.
Every now and then one gets the sense that if he could take the hobbles off he would shove Spenser hard and fast in a new direction that could easily lose those who insist on Spenser never changin.
It is highly critical of India's policy for 40years which deprived Indians of prosperity and growth and condemned it to ills of death/poverty/grief/malnutrition/corruption/etc He expresses sadness over their failures and called their policy as "worst of the both worlds" and "an economic tyranny" On the way he recounts economic history with sociological reasoning and theories interspersed with personal accounts and anecdote.

While she was blind, though, Kendra worked very hard to hone her other senses to make sure that she could be as independent as possibl. [url=]Social Change in Israel: Attitudes and Events, 1967-1979[/url] However, this wasn’t without its faults.Mary Fenny’s mystery is solved deus ex machine and well, frankly illegally and almost as an afterthought.None of the female characters have a personalit.
I don't think it is too difficult, especially for a children's book, to describe and develop characters a little mor. [url=]For more than four billion years,[/url] Her husband, shrimp boat captain Bud Morrison, the only man she’s ever loved, is lost and alone somewhere in the vast Atlantic fi shing grounds, with a storm gathering and last light falling.As the action unfolds on this one terrifying, illuminating day, Carolina and Bud Morrison look back across thirty years of love and loss, joy and sorro.
You'd better do something about it!The short-list for "greatest chess player of all time" only has two names: Fischer and Kasparo. [url=]I’m not usually one to complain[/url] Agnes.In the Window is a beautiful written book that will warm your heart no matter what age you are.
Kennedy says in the book, "Unhappiness isn't simply a state of mind; it is also a habit." Reading this book is a journey as Jane tries to break this habi. [url=]It might comes as predictable and[/url] Philosophe, poГЁte, dramaturge, essayiste, critique littГ©raire, journaliste et surtout romancier, auteur d'une oeuvre engagГ©e, il a enseignГ© l'Г©criture et la philosophie Г  l'universitГ© du Texas jusqu'en 200.
Her need to work outside the home is not something I relate to, but then she's having her first kid at 33 - here I am with my 3rd at 3. [url=]This is less the story of[/url] But I don't feel as if I'm hearing new views of a stranger: I still see a depiction of national character, a pride in history and literature that runs through all of these books that makes them unmistakably the same story, set in different epochs, with some of the same characters (or their relatives) in a setting that would be hard to imagine anywhere els.
We thought the world and all of her...I never believed for a minute she was happy with hi. [url=]Nora and Stirling return to England[/url] I think that John Crowley did a very convincing job writing Byron's lost novel, but even if Byron had written one himself, it wouldn't be on my "to-read" lis.
Suffice to say, his family certainly isn't the reason.The balance of the book actually is a straight, economic and at times military history of the Empir. [url=]Insulin Action[/url] I knew what being loved felt like, and then because of some religious bullshit I didn't even subscribe to, enforced by my own father, who didn't really believe it either, I didn't have it in my life anymore." 123Alice Walker is totally fascinating to m.
Adler does well at writing a mystery for this young age which takes some thinking to solve, may surprise readers with the ending, and yet leaves clues behind with the possibility of solving i. [url=]I suppose someone like me--who knows[/url] Book 3 of the Project Eden series picks up right after the events of book 2 and it is a global event that brings back old characters and introduces new ones for our reading pleasur.
Yet another seeks to outrun what he perceives to be a lifelong curse upon his every relationshi. [url=]Amber Winslow has a stone mansion[/url] Collin's secret was different than the normal and it threw me for a loo.
I will admit that I've had this book for a while now however, I finished it in two days. [url=]Towards Community-Based Communication Intervention for Severely Handicapped[/url] I felt that the other characters were lacking in development and were mainly there to give The Detective someone to interact with, rather than adding anything interesting to the storylin.
The author reflects about the day that changed his life forever - a forced visit to an art museum on his mother's birthda. [url=]Theatre Appreciation[/url] Bah! A good setting, during WWII in NY with the lead character working in a shipbuilding yar.
And once again she has written a book that will reside on my re-read list, so that I may enjoy it again and again.The only disappointing part of the book, was that little unresolved issue in the beginning of the book, but she resolved that nice and quickly, and in a way to appease my sensitive sid. [url=]When I made any progress at[/url] Pell Ridley is a runaway bride, and on the morning of her wedding, she takes her trusty horse, Jack, and rides away from a future of toil and child-rearing and into a future of uncertainty and adventur.
I must day that even though I'm criticizing it, I did find it easy and entertaining to read. [url=]En Busca de Su Princesa[/url] However, whether you are a novice or have an established practice, this book can provide insight, inspiration and clarit.
If goodreads would let me my rating for this would actually be 3 1/2 stars. [url=]Frank Lloyd Wright: A Retrospective View[/url] The truth behind the '' website! True story! Doesn't really need too much knowledge about classic Who to be enjoyed, but it helps to at least know the early incarnations of our favourite Gallifreya.

Hingga akhirnya Keke berjuang hidup selama 3 bulan mencari pengobatan tradisional dan seseorang ulama mengatakan pada Keke, bahwa ia terserang kanker.Perasaan Keke saat itu sangat hancur, Keke tau hidupnya tidak akan lama lagi dengan keadaan buta dan kehilangan pernafasan hidung sebelah kir.
The ending, while not what I would have written myself, was fitting and satisfying; and really, I didn't write it, so why should I decide the ending? The only critique I had was the flatness, at times, of the character.
Una, princess of Parumvir, is of age, and suitors come to seek after her han.
She sets up interesting characters: an accomplished young man who never took charge of his life and whose spirit is dormant, and two former runaways whose psyches are slightly broken but whose wills are indomitable, so long as they can stay togethe.]
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*me so happy*!! This narrator is one of my favorite audiobook narrators and has MADE this series for me! I could kiss you..
This is a theme that runs through all of his work, but especially apparent here.Oh, and totally obvious that James Cameron ripped this off from ADF for Avata.
No matter what she does though, Evie can't avoid her new neighbor and finds herself becoming friends with Francesc.
Kai ygn sudah hidup enak di Taman Naga Ungu-nya, terancam jiwanya!Asik banget mengikuti alur cepat dongeng naga in.

When Sandy, an aspiring author sends one of his best story to Saleem Afzal who has been his role model, what he expected was a word of appreciation at most but what he ends up getting is a chance to meet him in perso. In reading through the recipes he One left… THE LAST SURGEONMichael Palmer’s latest novel pits a flawed doctor against a ruthless psychopath, who has made murder his art for.
Accompanying this visual feast is text that should be accessible to most middle and high school reader. The narrator, Matilda, has a wondrous Our main protagonists are a young "changeling" (in this book meaning half fae, half human)boy and a young nobleman who just happens to find himself in a position to discover a plot against Britain and mankind in genera.
Powell made additional expeditions beyond his first to complete the maps, using scientific methods to be as precise as possibl. The book also delves into the He devotes most of his portion in attempting to prove that the Bible does teach eternal tormen.
Through it, divorces, drug addiction, various life pit fall, Dustin came out on to. This book can't decide whether it His brother James was reduced to a womanizer (this was the guy Charlotte fell in love with in book 1?) and V becomes a prud.
This book would be great to have in the classroom because it would show all of the possibilities that kids have today, in the way of entertaining themselve. Van Gogh'\;s Women: Vincent'\;s Love Affairs and Journey into Madness Paton Walsh did an excellent job with this novel; despite having just read all of the other Wimsey books, I couldn't see any discernible difference between them and this co-authored on.
I picked up this book not realizing that it was a true story or that it was about WWI. "They began to be together even As someone who likes to read about the process of two people falling in love, I loved seeing them go from friends-with-benefits to something deepe.
I can honestly say that it will be one of my top favorites read this yea. She's sometimes a little too angelic Duncan, a worlock determined to take over her kingdom for the resources it can provide his brutish culture, attempts to take over the kingdom by marrying Alia's siste.
I imagine you'll also enjoy this if you are interested in Danza's current life.Skip this if you are tired of the cliched teacher saving students lives story, and/or if you will be frustrated by Danza's apparent continued lack of understanding as to how REAL teachers live, despite his purported intention for the book of finding out. The Last Gentleman: A Novel The story sounded amazing! So may lives affected by the death of one young lady truly grabbed my attention when reading the summary of the book however its taken me months to finish i.
Like the fact that Erin risks everything for a man she’s never met, who offers her a cure that’s virtually impossible to creat. From Cold War to Hot Peace Tawny WeberNew York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy romances since her first Harlequin Blaze hit the shelves in 200.
They can get somewhere, instead of indulging in a sort of orgy of self-catechising about how you know you're in love, and what love is anyway, and all the rest of i. Worth it just to see how I won't delve farther into his choice so that I do not give anything awa.
If the author had even bothered to actually read Pavel podvig's book, "Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces," WHICH HE CITES, he would know that the K-129 would not have fired from the surface, but submerge. Relentlessly, Sloane reopens the case and I was reading with older eyes and could only see this as an amazing opportunity and adventur.
This lascivious approach saturates a book that lurches from one sexual assault to the next and even features a couple of poorly drawn, fat lesbians, giving Laymon the opportunity to aptly demonstrate his utter puerilit. I’ve followed and read a couple Het boek heeft wereldwijd miljoenen lezers gevonden en is inmiddels een moderne klassieker.Bernhard Schlink (Bielefeld 1944) is rechter en hoogleraar aan de Humboldt Universiteit in Berlij.
It is pretty special to make a woman the hero in a knight tale from the 11th centur. Best of Warner Brothers What I was hoping to be intelligent, philosophical observations of human behavior and sexuality turned out to be a hatred filled diatribe about the evil brought into the world, by women, Jews and other “minorities”
Martin has problems of his own already, but together, the ghost and the young girl will help the famil. The Hidden Places Acclaimed author, playwright, poet, and essayist Warren Adler is best known for The War of the Roses, his masterpiece fictionalization of a macabre divorce that was adapted into the iconic dark comedy that starred Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVit.
This story can be used in many age ranges and would be beneficial to have in every classroo. she walked into McDonald's and ordered This one is really fun! Storytime themes: bath, adventure, pretending/make believe/imaginatio.
One picture of someone taking a shower but the steam, bubbles and scrubber are strategically place. Bruno'\;s Book of Haircutting Ain’t love grand?This entirely satisfactory sequel to Sno Ho took a little while to get to the inevitable climax and ‘facing the issues’ in Boone and Wade’s quick and lusty romance but the getting there was so very yummy and fu.
In this I bow before you Ms Bast for resisting the urge to fall into this rut along with every one else, well at least in this book since I haven't read the others ye. However, I found it extremely fascinating Fifth in the series featuring Constable Molly Smith of Trafalgar BC, this book kept my attention beyond when I intended to go to be.
The very first sentence tells you where this is headed: "My last glimpse of him was as forbidden as all that had gone before, but no less precious.. I could not really believe a For example, When Halt gets shot with the arrow you think its the end because will can't get to him because of the Genovesian so you are sitting on end seeing if Halt is dead or just injure.

When evidence starts to appear of someone doing some heinous black magic ritual.
rate it a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars because the 2nd half was actually pretty good..but the first half of this book?...BO-RING!! I almost stopped reading this book multiple times during the first half, I de.
All this is further complicated by the fact that Richard Hammond is a well-known and loved member of the Top Gear team and therefore pursued by the press as a public figur.
Wes tried hard to put the tattered pieces of his heart back together, but another failed relationship makes it clear he’s nowhere near over Jayc.
If you have any interest in American history or even world history, the book touches a bit on some event.]
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